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Economic Impact of Public Transportation Investments and Policies

Following is a listing of projects and reports pertaining to economic impacts of public transportation, that have been conducted by staff of Economic Development Research Group, and approved by our clients for public sharing. While the contents of our web site are copyrighted by us, you are free to view and print these documents as long as you agree to give appropriate credit to the authors and cite the specific document names when using their information or ideas.

  1. Applying Spatial Aggregation Methods to Identify Opportunities for New Bus Services in London
  2. Omaha Transit Return on Investment Study
  3. Economic Impact Case Study Tool for Transit (TCRP)
  4. Economic Cost of Failing to Modernize Public Transportation
  5. Communicating the Economic Benefit and Value of Transit: A Guide for Local Transit Agencies
  6. Economic Implications from Proposed Public Transportation Capital Funding Cuts
  7. Practices for Evaluating the Economic Impacts and Benefits of Transit (TCRP Synthesis 128)
  8. The Economic and Societal Impact of Hampton Roads Transit
  9. Fairbanks/North Star Borough Transit Impact Study
  10. Sydney BRT Study
  11. Colorado DOT Transit Case Studies
  12. Public Transportation’s Role in the Knowledge Economy
  13. Cost Benefit and Economic Impact Analysis for BRT in Sydney Australia
  14. Measuring the Economic Impact of Public Transport Investment
  15. Economic Impact of Public Transportation Investment
  16. Uncertainty and Inter-Jursidictional High-Speed Rail Planning: Insights from Portugal and The United Kingdom
  17. Multi-Modal Planning for High-Growth Business Clusters
  18. The Evolving Connection of Transit, Agglomeration, and Growth of High-Tech Business Clusters
  19. The Role of Transit in Support of High Growth Business Clusters
  20. Ontario GO Transit Electrification Study
  21. Toronto Metrolinx Rapid Transit Projects
  22. Durham, Ontario Regional Transit Strategy
  23. Economic Impact of South Coast Commuter Rail Alternatives
  24. Time is Money: The Economic Benefits of Transit Investment - Chicago
  25. Construction-Related Economic Impacts of Chicago's METRA
  26. Economic Impacts of Long Range Transit Plan for Los Angeles County
  27. Economic Impacts of Public Transportation: Clean Energy Jobs

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