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The Challenge for Public-Private Financing of Transport

weisbrod-codatu-web.jpgThe 12th International Congress on Transport in the Developing World was held in Vietnam on November 12-14, 2008. Glen Weisbrod was selected to serve as a member of the CODATU International Scientific Committee and present the keynote speech on Financing.

The focus of Mr. Weisbrod's keynote address was that public agencies face a disparity between what is financially expedient for raising funds, and what may be sustainable in the long term for providing transport facilities and services, and ultimately supporting economic development.

Through a research paper and Power Point presentation, he showed how transportation users, private contractors, government agencies and the general public can all benefit from transportation investments through a "value chain." However, each party has a different set of costs and benefits associated with alternative public-private financing. To ensure viable and sustainable projects, there is a critical need to achieve alignment of benefits and costs so that no one group profits at the expense of another. There is also a need to ensure that long-term economic growth - a fundamental foundation for public investment in transportation infrastructure - is supported.

This value chain approach can help lead to a more systematic approach to program design, performance tracking and regulatory oversight of public-private financing arrangements.

· See the research paper

· See the Power Point Presentation

· Web Site for CODATU conference proceedings

Topic of the conference : Sustainable Development Challenges of Transport in Cities of the Developing World

Read the paper by Glen Weisbrod and Cameron Gordon, Proceedings of the CODATU International Congress on Transport in the Developing World, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, November 2008.


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