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Economic Impact of Multi-modal Transportation Investments and Policies

Following is a listing of projects and reports pertaining to multi-modal transportation issues that have been conducted by staff of Economic Development Research Group and approved by our clients for public sharing. While the contents of our web site are copyrighted by us, you are free to view and print these documents as long as you agree to give appropriate credit to the authors and cite the specific document names when using their information or ideas.

  1. Incorporating Uncertainty into Economic Analysis: Lessons from Switzerland and the US
  2. Economic Implications of Disinvestment
  3. Software: Colorado Transportation Investment ToolKit
  4. National Transportation Project Impact Case Studies (Overview)
  5. Productivity: The Connection Between Transportation Performance and the Economy
  6. TPICS Software (Transportation Project Impact Case Studies)
  7. Integrating Multiple Economic Analysis Methods for More Effective Planning and Decision Making: Three Dimensional Framework
  8. Economic Impacts of Congestion
  9. TREDIS® Software (Transportation Economic Development Impact System)
  10. The Challenge for Trade-Offs in Resource Allocation Decisions: Adapting Current Practice to Different Stakeholder and Agency Needs
  11. Using Economic Analysis and TPICs to Build Credibility into Every Step of the Planning Cycle
  12. Driverless Transportation: What You Should Be Planning For?
  13. Building Our Economy: Transportation for a New Illinois
  14. Visualizing Economic Relationships Using MPO Resources
  15. Assessing Productivity Impacts of Transportation Investments: Guidebook
  16. TPICS, TIGER and US Experience: A Focus on Case-Based Ex Post Economic Impact Assessment
  17. Utah’s Unified Plan
  18. Economic Impacts of the Panama Canal Expansion on the US Economy
  19. Measuring Productivity, Competitiveness and Economic Growth Effects of Transportation Projects: How can they be measured and how can this information be used?
  20. North State Transportation for Economic Development Study
  21. NCHRP Report 755: Comprehensive Costs of Highway-Rail Grade Crossing Crashes
  22. Development of Tools for Assessing Wider Economic Benefits of Transportation
  23. Getting Up to Speed with Transportation Economic Impact Tools
  24. International Comparison of Transportation Cost-Benefit Appraisals
  25. Economic Productivity and Transportation Investment Priorities
  26. Failure to Act: The Economic Impact of Current Investment Trends in Airports, Inland Waterways and Marine Ports Infrastructure
  27. Driving the Train: A Macro-Based Framework fo Commodity Forecasting
  28. The Relationship of Transportation Access and Local Economic Outcomes: A Statistical Analysis
  29. Defining Economic Impact and Benefit Metrics from Multiple Perspectives: Lessons to be Learned from Both Sides of the Atlantic
  30. Integrating Transportation and Economics Models to Assess Impact of Infrastructure Investment
  31. Incorporating Economic Impact Metrics in Transportation Project Ranking and Selection Processes
  32. Benefit/Cost Analysis for Transportation Infrastructure: A Practitioners Workshop
  33. Economic Impacts of Congestion and Border Delays on the United States and Canadian Economies
  34. Moving Forward: Transportation and the Massachusetts Economy
  35. From Hours to Output: Getting Economic Impacts Right in Transportation Investment Analysis
  36. Economic Impact of Transportation Infrastructure Improvements in Virginia
  37. Northeast CanAm Connections: Integrating the Economy and Transportation
  38. Extending Monetary Values to Broader Performance and Impact Measures: Transportation Applications and Lessons for Other Fields
  39. Generalized Approach for Assessing Direct User Impacts of Multimodal Transport Projects
  40. The Challenge for Public-Private Financing of Transport
  41. Differentiating Forms of Economic Impact
  42. Estimating Economic Development Benefits for Transportation Investment: The State of the Art
  43. Integrating Regional Economic Modeling with Transportation and Land Use
  44. Unlocking the Potential of IMPLAN for Transport Impact Analysis
  45. Governors' and Premiers' Conference - Northeast Multimodal Transportation Study
  46. Failure to Act: The Economic Impact of Current Investment Trends in Surface Transportation Infrastructure
  47. Models to Predict the Economic Development Impact of Transportation Projects
  48. Monetary Valuation of Hard-to-Quantify Transportation Impacts
  49. Progress & Challenges in the Application of Economic Analysis For Transport Decision Making
  50. Improving Transportation Economic Impact Methods
  51. Economic Impact from Maryland's Surface Transportation Spending
  52. Evolution of Methods for Assessing Economic Development Impacts of Transportation
  53. Web-Based Guide to Transportation Benefit-Cost Analysis
  54. Towards a New Framework for Evaluating Economic Development Impacts of Proposed Transportation Projects
  55. Estimation of Unit Values of Land Occupied by Transportation Infrastructure in Canada
  56. Research Resources for Rural Transportation Planning
  57. Exchanges of Local Experiences : Support of Training and Research
  58. Public Infrastructure and Economic Productivity: A Transportation-Focused Review
  59. North Country Transportation and Economic Development: Needs & Opportunities
  60. Economic Impact Analysis of Investment in a Major Commercial Transportation System for the Greater Vancouver Region
  61. Transportation Improvements Grow Wisconsin's Economy: The Economic Benefits of Transportation Investments
  62. Montana TranPlan 21 Update - Economic Development Issues and Recommendations
  63. Guidebook for Assessing Social & Economic Effects of Transportation Projects
  64. Current Practice for Assessing Economic Development Impacts from Transportation Projects
  65. Transportation Cornerstone Florida: Moving Florida's Economy into the 21st Century
  66. Comparing Approaches for Valuing Economic Development Benefits of Transportation Projects
  67. Productivity and Accessibility: Bridging Project Specific and Macroeconomic Analyses Of Transportation Investments
  68. Technology Impacts of Globalization for Business Location and Transportation
  69. Assessing the Economic Impact of Transportation Projects: How to Match the Appropriate Technique to Your Project
  70. Distinguishing Wide and Local Area Business Impacts of Transportation Investments
  71. Estimating Wider Economic Impacts in Transportation Project Prioritization
  72. Tradeoffs in Residential Location Decisions: Transportation versus Other Factors
  73. Ex Post Analyses and Tools: (Paper Presented at ETC 2016)