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Economic Impact of Highway Investments and Policies

Following is a listing of projects and reports and articles pertaining to highway and road economic benefits and impacts, that have been conducted by staff of Economic Development Research Group and approved by our clients for public sharing. While the contents of our web site are copyrighted by us, you are free to view and print these documents as long as you agree to give appropriate credit to the authors and cite the specific document names when using their information or ideas.

  1. Estimation of Value of Highways Using Census LEHD Data
  2. Investment Prioritization Methods for Low Volume Roads
  3. MoDOT Benefit-Cost and Freight Market Analysis and INFRA Grant Application
  4. Texas Statewide Transportation Planning
  5. Primer on Private Sector Site Selection for Transportation Planners and Policy-makers
  6. MassDOT Economic Impact Study
  7. Financial Impacts of RUC Drivers in Rural and Urban Counties
  8. Economic Analysis of Completing the Appalachian Development Highway System
  9. Resource Allocation of Available Funding to Programs of Work (NCHRP Synthesis 510)
  10. Right-Sizing Transportation Investments-Methods for Planning and Programming
  11. Parameters of a Road Usage Charge Rate
  12. Economic and Equity Impacts of a Road User Charge
  13. Colorado Project Funding ROI
  14. Assessment of National Highway System Passenger Connectors
  15. Financial Impacts of Road Usage Charge Drivers in Rural and Urban Households
  16. Ohio TRAC Transportation Prioritization
  17. Idaho COMPASS Performance Measure Framework
  18. TIGER Grant Applications: Benefit-Cost Analysis
  19. Kansas DOT Project Performance Measurement and Prioritization
  20. Appalachian Development Highway System - Economic Impact
  21. The Economic Value of the Waterbury Mixmaster
  22. Economic Value of the I-84 Viaduct in Hartford
  23. The Economic Costs of Pavement Deterioration
  24. NCDOT Project Performance Measurement and Prioritization
  25. Economic Implications of Disinvestment
  26. Idaho Falls Arterial Loop: Economic Assessment
  27. The Efficiency of Tolling
  28. SHRP2 C11 Tools and Transportation Project Impact Case Studies (TPICS) Demonstration
  29. Understanding the Impact of Highway Capacity Projects on the Economy
  30. Illiana Corridor Economic Impact Study
  31. Economic and Fiscal Analysis of Ohio River Bridges
  32. Columbia River Crossing Economic Impact Study
  33. Framework and Process for Economic Impact Assessment of Potential Highway Congestion Pricing and Tolling Schemes
  34. Transportation Costs: Direct and Indirect Implications for Chicago's Businesses
  35. Ontario Ministry of Transport – Highway Corridor Studies
  36. Economic Impact of Michigan DOT's 2009-2013 Highway Program
  37. Interactions between Transportation Capacity, Economic Systems, and Land Use
  38. Oregon DOT Congestion Road Pricing and Tolling
  39. Economic Impact of Kansas DOT Highway Preservation Funding
  40. Economic Impact of Completing the Appalachian Development Highway System
  41. National Impacts and Costs of Traffic Congestion
  42. Defining the Range of Congestion Impacts on Freight
  43. Economic Impact of Development Corridor in LaPorte, Indiana
  44. Economic Impact of Scenic Byways
  45. Vancouver Travel Demand Management
  46. The Cost of Highway Limitations and Traffic Delay to Oregon's Economy
  47. Economic Impact of Continental 1 Highway Corridor
  48. Impact of Congestion on Regional Economies
  49. Economic Impact of the Proposed Cleveland Innerbelt Project
  50. Transportation and Economic Impacts of the Central Artery/Tunnel in Boston
  51. Interstate Highways: Impact on Industrial Location
  52. Measuring Multimodal Connectivity in Northern New Jersey
  53. California Bypass Study: The Economic Impacts of Bypass Highways
  54. Industries on the Interstates: What is the Best Location?
  55. Economic Impact of Reconfiguring Montana Two-Lane Highways
  56. Economic Impacts of Scenic Byways
  57. Economic Impact of Selected Rural Interstates at the County Level
  58. Economic Impact of Widening I-70 in Columbia, Missouri
  59. Do New Highways Attract Businesses? The North Country (NY) Case Study
  60. Integrating Tourism and Recreation Travel with Transportation Planning (Synthesis 329)
  61. Economic Impact of Highway and Bridge: St. Croix River Crossing (Minnesota Hwy 36 and Wisconsin Hwy 64)
  62. I-69 Henderson, KY to Evansville, IN: Economic Conditions and Impacts
  63. Measuring Economic Costs of Urban Traffic Congestion to Business
  64. Economic Impact of the Southern Tier Expressway
  65. State Economic Development Highway Programs
  66. Local Economic Development Impacts of a Proposed Highway Interchange in Kalamazoo
  67. Guide: Using Empirical Information to Measure Economic Impact of Highway Investments
  68. Economic Implications of Road Congestion
  69. Economic Impact of I-73 Alignments on the City of Roanoke
  70. Economic Impact of Freeway Bypass Routes in Medium Size Cities
  71. Summary of Highway Bypass Studies
  72. Use of Value Capture to Fund Transportation Projects
  73. The Value of Connections: The Economic Impact of the Proposed Pennsylvania / I-95 Interchange
  74. The Development Impacts of Highway Interchanges in Major Urban Areas: Case Study Findings
  75. The Cost of Congestion and Economic Futures for the Portland Region
  76. Major Corridor Investment Benefit Management System
  77. Indiana's Major Corridor Investment-Benefit Analysis System
  78. Economic Impact Study of the Proposed Mississippi River Bridge at St. Francisville, Louisiana and the Zachary Taylor Parkway
  79. Economic Impact of Restricting Left Turns
  80. Economic Development and Benefit-Cost Analysis of Upgrading Kentucky SR 69
  81. Measuring Economic Development Benefits for Highway Decision-making: The Wisconsin Case

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