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San Antonio - Market Potential and Economic Impact for Energy Programs

By KEMA Consulting, Quantum Consulting and Economic Development Research Group for City Public Service of San Antonio, 2005

CPS Energy in San Antonio, as America's largest municipally-owned gas and electric utility, seeks to maintain the lowest possible costs while enhancing the quality of life for its for its 600,000 customers in southern Texas. Accordingly, the utility embarked on an evaluation of opportunities to enhance energy efficiency for its customers, reduce their costs and help to enhance customer retention, economic development and job growth for the region.

The consultant team of KEMA Consulting, Quantum Consulting and Economic Development Research Group (EDR Group), worked together to evaluate: 1) the technical and economic potential; 2) benefits and costs to the utility its customers and the regional economy; and 3) best practices for implementation of energy programs.

The role of EDR Group was to evaluate existing regional economic development conditions, and identify impacts of proposed energy cost-saving programs on the economic competitiveness and future economic growth of the region. This included analysis of regional growth, variation in energy intensity of use among target business sectors, and the potential economic growth implications of reducing business costs in the region.

Based on findings from this study, CPS Energy has made its first long-term commitment to energy conservation, with a five-year, $30 million plan to prompt customers to retrofit their homes and businesses with energy-saving devices.

Read the Economic Report "The Business Case: Economic Impacts of Cost-Effective Energy Efficiency"

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