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Energy Efficiency: Engine of Economic Growth in Canada


 For Acadia Center (formerly ENE), EDR Group teamed with Dunsky Energy Consulting in performing macroeconomic impact analysis to examine a ramp-up in cost-effective multi-fuel energy-efficiency across all customer segments for the 10 Canadian provinces. The team estimated annual job and dollars of GDP impact from 2012 to 2040 on 136 scenarios from program and administrative spending, participant's costs to co-fund their improvements, energy supply sector trade flow shifts, avoided capacity (disinvestment) and avoided O&M spending, and net savings to participating customers.  This study demonstrated that some 75% of the positive economic growth resulting for Canada is associated with measuring the effects from persistent net energy savings, particularly on the “for profit” customer segments , namely the Commercial and Industrial segments that have to compete in regional and/ or global markets.  The analysis also assessed the resulting provincial and federal tax revenue impacts.  The work was supported by advisors from Natural Resources Canada, the National Energy Board, provincial departments of energy, utilities, and other experts in the field. ​

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