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Following is a listing of projects, reports and articles pertaining to economic growth & development that have been conducted by staff of Economic Development Research Group, and approved by our clients for public sharing. While the contents of our web site are copyrighted by us, you are free to view and print these documents as long as you agree to give appropriate credit to the authors and cite the specific document names when using their information or ideas.

  1. Land-Use Scenarios Impact on Economic Evaluation of Projects
  2. Community Development Financial Institutions (CDFI)
  3. Economic Impacts of Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems
  4. Inner City Capital Connections Program (ICCC)
  5. Evaluation of Maine Business Tax Expenditure Programs
  6. Failure to Act: Closing the Infrastructure Investment Gap for America's Economic Future
  7. Economic Recommendations for New Boston Mayor
  8. Marlborough Economic Development Strategy
  9. Nantucket's Workforce and Educational Needs
  10. Analysis Tool for ARC Performance Tracking
  11. Supporting Entrepreneurship: Evaluation of the Minnesota Angel Tax Credit Program
  12. Sources of Regional Growth in Non-Metro Appalachia
  13. Northwest Corridor Manufacturing Strategy (British Columbia)
  14. New Tools for Economic Development Targeting
  15. North Country Business and Resources Gap Analysis
  16. Evaluation of the Appalachian Regional Commission's Infrastructure and Public Works Program
  17. Economic Development Targeting: Laying a Sound Foundation for Your Strategy Plan
  18. Measuring Public Finance Performance and Impact
  19. Beyond Clusters: Underpinning Economic Growth for Alternative Strategies
  20. LEAP Software (Local Economic Assessment Package)
  21. Economic Growth Paths
  22. Impact Assessment of New York State's Cigarette Fire Safety Performance Standard
  23. Evaluation of Oregon Economic Development Public Works Programs
  24. Economic Impact of NJ Pharmaceutical & Medical Technology Industry
  25. The Biotech Council of New Jersey: 2003 Economic Impact Report
  26. Industry Clusters in Appalachia: Key Sectors, Trends and Development Potential
  27. Niagara Mohawk Economic Development Program Evaluation
  28. The Biotechnology and Life Sciences Industry in the Southeast Florida Region: Meeting the Workforce Challenges
  29. Community Audit of the Midlands Workforce Investment Area
  30. Handbook: Assessing Local Economic Development Opportunities with ARC-LEAP
  31. Broadband Telecom Boosts Economic Development in Upstate New York
  32. Global Competitiveness of Export Industries and Clusters in the Appalachian Region
  33. Southwest Florida Industry Target Study
  34. Economic Development Forecasting Scenarios for Erie County
  35. Economic Development Strategy for the Merrimack Valley
  36. Economic Development Strategy for MetroWest Region
  37. Technology as an Economic Catalyst in Rural and Depressed Places in Massachusetts